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    Seversky Donets River

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    • Azhinov
    Seversky Donets River right and the largest tributary of the Don It starts its way in the Belgorod region then flows through Ukraine making a small circle returns to Russia this time in the Rostov region One of the most beautiful rivers in Russia... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Farm Susat

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    • Susat
    Farm susat an ancient hamlet of the Rostov region which is located on the banks of the same river The word susat is translated from the Turkic as pure water Farm was founded in 1399 Its main feature is the church of the Ascension built in the center... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Tomb Minaeva Vladimir within the Sanctuary of the Ascension

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    • Susat
    Tomb Minaeva Vladimir is in Semіkarakorsk district of Rostov on Don on the territory of the Temple of Ascension During the life of Vladimir Vladimirovich made a great contribution to the revival of the church in 1989 after it was adopted... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Ascension in the village Susat

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    • Susat
    Church of the Ascension is located in a remote area susat Semіkarakorsk district of Rostov region In 1863 the first wooden church built on this site is reflected in the honor of the Blessed Virgin At the end of 28 years old church building... attractions, Cultural objects

    Razdorskiy Ethnographic Museum

    Razdorskiy Ethnographic Museum is located on the banks of the Lower Don and includes three settlements Razdorskiy village hamlet and Kanygin Puhlyakovsky that were important points of the Don Cossacks The complex also presented  exhibitions... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Mass grave of soldiers killed in World War II

    Mass grave of soldiers killed in World War II is in the Rostov region in the park stanitsiRazdorskaya on the left bank of the River Don Here are buried 300 soldiers of the Soviet Army who died in the winter of 1943 at the village of dismissal from... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Гостиница "Наири"

    Bus station Semikarakorsk

    Semіkarakorsk bus station an important transport structure of the city which serves buses on the route Rostov on Don Semіkarakorsk Valgadonsk This road is an important transport system in the southern part of the country which provides a link with... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    The village Biruchiy Kut Novocherkassk

    Settlement Biruchiy Kut Novocherkassk is one of the oldest settlements Novocherkassk In 1805 it was based in the village one of the first Cossack settlements In the future the village grew and its territory was divided into three parts   Each of... attractions, Cultural objects

    River Grushevka

    Grushevka River a river that flows through the territory of the Rostov region Its length is ninety kilometers The total area of ​​its basin reaches nine hundred thirty nine square kilometers She received its name thanks  pladovym pear gardens... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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