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    Attractions → Ust-Kamchatskij

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    Kronotskoye Lake

    Kronotsky Lake the largest lake on the area of ​​the Kamchatka region it also ranks second in terms of volume and the third deepest in the whole region This reservoir is located at the foot of one of the world's most beautiful volcano Kronotsky in... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Volcano Krasheninnikova

    Volcano is considered a pioneer scientist SP Krasheninnikov who led hundreds of expeditions to Kamchatka Krai For years he worked on the rocks studying each species separately By the way the name of the volcano was precisely because of the... attractions, Natural Attractions


    Volcano is a powerful volcano height of over 3 500 meters It is rich in a variety of rocks which have often been studied by scientists On the hill there Krinitsky andesite and basalt In addition the slopes of the volcano covered with slag ash  ... attractions, Natural Attractions


    Kikhpinych represents two fused layered volcano The highest point of the hill up to about 1500 meters The volcano is composed of rocks of basalt and andesite On the western slope of the volcano down with a mountain river Geyser It passes... attractions, Natural Attractions


    Volcano in Kamchatka is known because of its huge basin On the peninsula it is the greatest Caldera is 10 kilometers in diameter Its total area of ​​over 150 square kilometers The territory is partially hollow and filled ponds High  boards that... attractions, Natural Attractions


    Age eruption about 12 000 years He is a huge cone shaped mound composed of different rocks Its height is about 2500 meters The crater is small and completely transparent to the peak But the slopes frighten their performances  bulge and cut huge... attractions, Natural Attractions
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