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    Ipatiev Monastery

    Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery is a male He played a major role in the history of Russia in the XVI and XVII centuries The monastery is in the city of Kostroma at the confluence of river water into the Volga Kostroma The monastery received its name

    Theophany Convent, Kostroma

    Bogoyavlensko Epiphany (Theophany) Monastery a nunnery which until 1863 was a male It is located in the city of Kostroma The monastery is known for the fact that it kept Theotokos Fyodorovskaya one of the most revered Russian Orthodox Church Prior

    Kostroma State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve

    Kostroma Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve is a public institution of culture It is the largest museum of Kostroma and Kostroma region Founded in 1891 due to increased activity of the Kostroma province scientific  Archives Commission

    White Mountain

    In the Ivanovo region eighteen kilometers from the city of Kineshma around the village on the banks of the Volga navolok located hill nicknamed by locals White Mountain Where the slopes of the mountain covered with birch nuts abruptly break to 

    City Reach

    In the Ivanovo region on the picturesque right bank of the Volga is located among the low hills to the Russian city of romantic name Ples This ancient city was first mentioned in chronicles of the twelfth century For a long time before the

    Kostroma architectural and ethnographic and Landscape Museum-Reserve "Kostroma Sloboda"

    Kostroma Architectural Ethnographic Museum one of the first museums in Russia is located in the open air A large area of ​​the museum is located on the banks of the river Igumenka near Іpatstseўskay monastery To date the museum houses more than a

    Temple of St. Nicholas

    Nicholas Temple is located in the city of Kostroma in the street Mountain Dairy 3a house a chapel was built on the site of a meat body The author of the designer considered Fursov IPBuilt in the classical style round shaped dome due to the

    Holiday House "Ples"

    Ples was first mentioned in 1141 It is a city built on the right bank of the Volga River was originally intended as a border fortress It is believed that its founder was Prince Dolgoruky V1238 the first castle fell during the invasion of the Tatar

    Fire Tower

    The provincial architect P I Fursov was the author of the building project and he also supervised the construction and finishing works Tower of the facade looks more like a palace a watchtower is very similar to the bell tower of the church

    Yury Dolgoruky Monument

    Background of the monument is the following a year before its opening in Kostroma visited Patriarch Alexy II who brought here the capsule with the earth from Kiev where the temple of the Saviour on Berestove buried the Grand Duke Then set the stone
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