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    Chapel Exaltation of the Cross in Torzhok

    • /en/page/chasovnya-vozdvizheniya-ch ...
    • Zhitkovo
    Exaltation of the Cross Chapel Gospodnyanahoditsya on the area on January 9 in Torzhok It consists of 12 columns the designer is Nicholas A Lvov despite the fact that the building was erected after the death of the architect Has 2 Kupala lower and... attractions, Cultural objects

    Footbridge in Torzhok

    • /en/page/peshehodnyj-most-v-torzhke
    • Zhitkovo
    The bridge in the city of Torzhok Tvertsa across the river was built in the late XIX century After some time was built near the new was used for the movement of vehicles and the pedestrian bridge made In the nineties Footbridge restored   and... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Postal staircase in Torzhok

    • /en/page/pochtovaya-lestnitsa-v-tor ...
    • Zhitkovo
    Postal stairs a whole street stairs in the central part of Torzhok length of 140 meters It is located on the left more gentle than the right on the river Tvertsa At the same time quite steep staircase You can get to it from the street Red Mountain... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Travelling Palace in Torzhok

    • /en/page/putevoj-dvorets-v-torzhke
    • Zhitkovo
    Travelling Palace in Torzhok one of many stops for the Moscow St Petersburg tract where the emperor could stop and take a break from a long journey This palace was built in 1776 by order of Catherine II The building was designed by P   P Nikitin... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Temple of Archangel Michael

    • /en/page/hram-mihaila-arhangela-1
    • Lyahovo
    Temple of Archangel Michael in the village Torzhok is located on a high hill which many years ago was nothing but a peninsula it is bordered by three streams of red Zdaravets and Voronyak Since ancient times this place existed temples erected to the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Annunciation

    • /en/page/tserkov-blagoveshcheniya-p ...
    • Lyahovo
    Church of the Annunciation was built on natural high ground which resembles a peninsula and the west side of the creek meets the Red Along the east side of the creek rise washes Voronyak on the north side of the building  creek is Zdaravets All... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin in the Temple

    • /en/page/tserkov-vvedeniya-presvyat ...
    • Lyahovo
    Vvedenskaya considered ancient stone church in the city In the historical literature called different dating of its construction 1620 is the official date when the temple was built Builder of the church believe Archimandrite Іasaf that  later... attractions, Cultural objects

    Church of the Holy Face

    • /en/page/tserkov-spasa-nerukotvorno ...
    • Lyahovo
    On the territory of Borisoglebskii Monastery is located Church of the Savior image Its construction began in the years 1804 1811 according to the plan of the architect NA Lviv but construction stopped after the death of the author The church is made... attractions, Cultural objects

    Novotorzhsky Monastery of Sts

    • /en/page/novotorzhskij-borisoglebsk ...
    • Lyahovo
    Novotorzhsky Monastery of Sts located in Torzhok is considered the oldest Orthodox monastery founded by Ephraim roughly around 1038 When Prince of Kiev Yaroslav I Vladimirovich was the third monastery since their appearance His  name comes from... attractions, Cultural objects

    "Devil's Bridge" in Vassilievo

    • /en/page/chertov-most-v-vasilevo
    • Lyahovo
    Devil's Bridge in Vassilievo stometrovae arched boulder cities with caves in the technique archivolt on the estate Vasilyeva Tver region on the banks of the river Tvertsa four kilometers from the town of Torzhok On the estate on the creek that runs... attractions, Natural Attractions
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