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    Lake Kukhlei

    Lake Kukhlei or Doll located in Russia Yaroslavl region near Nekrasovsky The total area of ​​the lake is 0 36 square kilometers From Lake Kukhlei originates ducts which further flows into the lake anymore The length of the Big lake is 2 5 km width 1... attractions, Natural Attractions

    River Kotorosl

    Kotorosl a river in the European part of Russia The river is about 126 kilometers and its basin area 6370 square kilometers The river flows through the area in Yaroslavl city of Yaroslavl and Rostov on and Gavrilov Yam areas In the XIX century... attractions, Natural Attractions


    Chapel of Our Lady of Kazan

    • /en/page/chasovnya-kazanskoj-bogoma ...
    • Yaroslavl
    Chapel of Our Lady of Kazan is located in Yaroslavl in front of the gates of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery on the banks of the river Kotorosl The construction is both a chapel and a monument in honor of the People's Militia in 1612   It was... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Church of St. John the Baptist (Yaroslavl)

    • /en/page/tserkov-ioanna-predtechi-y ...
    • Yaroslavl
    Church of St John the Baptist is a shining symbol of the highest flowering of ancient architecture The church is known for absolutely any citizen of Russia as it is depicted on the reverse of the banknote of 1000 rubles The church was built over 16... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Остров Километра (560 - 561 км)

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    • Turovo


    Arbour on the Volga embankment

    • /en/page/besedka-na-volzhskoj-naber ...
    • Yaroslavl
    Arbour on the Volga embankment a six round outdoor arbor rotunda with a flattened dome which is located in Yaroslavl Arbour is considered one of the most famous monuments of the city The building is located on the Volga embankment a historic site on... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Management of the Northern Railway

    • /en/page/upravlenie-severnoj-zhelez ...
    • Yaroslavl
    Northern Railway runs in the North and North East of Russia on the territory of the Polar Urals and the northern part of the basin of the river Ob The direction of the Northern Railway has coincided with the direction of the oldest equestrian path... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Yahrobolskoe

    Yahrobolskoe Lake is one of the largest lakes in the Yaroslavl region Its area is 258 hectares The deepest point 2 meters In the northern border runs along the village Isady (400 meters) and Yahrobol The village is located between Yahrobol  two... attractions, Natural Attractions
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