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    Transfiguration Monastery

    Spaso Preobrazhensky monastery was founded at the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries This is where it was found the famous Old Russian literary work The Tale of Igor Although Throughout the Middle Ages Spassky Monastery was a cultural spiritual

    Church of Elijah the Prophet

    Church of Elijah the Prophet is in the center of Yaroslavl and is an outstanding monument of architecture school of architecture of the XVII century Yaroslavl The object is run by the Diocese of Rostov and Yaroslavl Museum Preserve and the city This

    Vlasievskaya church tower and the Sign

    Vlasievskaya church tower and the Sign a zdvoenae building near the center of Yaroslavl Vlasievskaya tower was built in 1659 instead of the wooden completely burned in a large fire After the completion of one of the walls of the tower was 

    Church of St. John the Baptist (Yaroslavl)

    Church of St John the Baptist is a shining symbol of the highest flowering of ancient architecture The church is known for absolutely any citizen of Russia as it is depicted on the reverse of the banknote of 1000 rubles The church was built over 16

    The cloister

    The cloister was first opened as a male in 1314 the bishop of Rostov Prokhorov Much later having survived the onslaught of the Communists and being locked up for sixty years the monastery once again opened the door but as the first female

    Church of the Epiphany (Yaroslavl)

    Church of the Epiphany one of the most important symbols of Russian art and architecture of the 17th century The church was built at the expense of the Yaroslavl merchant Alexei Zubchaninov The author of the project was Alex Avramovic Turchaninov

    Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina

    Church of St Nicholas Nadzeіna the first stone church built in the framework of urban tenements in Yaroslavl His age 390 years According to legend the temple was built on the same bank of the Volga where the wave threw the icon of St Nicholas who is

    Metropolitan Chamber (Yaroslavl)

    Mіtrapalіchy Palace one of the oldest buildings in Yaroslavl Built in 1690 the year mіtrapalіchy palace served as the residence of Metropolitan Jonah of Rostov and Yaroslavl Sysoevicha In the 18th century in the wards settled Governor AP Mel'gunov

    Russian Academic Drama Theatre. F. Volkov

    Russian Academic Drama Theatre F Volkov Volkov or theater the first theater in Russia In 2010 he noted 260T anniversary His story begins with leather closet in which the young son of a merchant with his brothers and friends staged performances  

    Vasilevsky Monastery

    Vasilevsky monastery is located in the eastern part of Suzdal It has several major buildings that are worth paying attention it Vasilevsky Cathedral built in 1662 1669 years Gramnіchnaya refectory church the base of which refers to the end  XVII
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