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    Chapel in honor of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God

    Elegant chapel with walls sky blue and white especially unusual look at the background mossy stone grotto she seemed to grow out of trees covered with rocks Iver chapel was built at the foot key (Abadzekh) mountains under the second  half of the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Dante's ladder

    In the 70s of the XIX century had the idea to arrange a lawn with sources of healing waters and picturesque gorge which the locals come for treatment and the Russian officers were called cool So by the same officers and Cossacks passed out in... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Dante's gorge

    Dantavay Gorge a natural monument of regional importance situated in Krasnodar region south of the resort town of Hot Key The gorge is a deep rift in the rock at the bottom of which you can go down Duration Dante gorge is about one hundred meters... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Source of St. Panteleimon

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    Source of St Panteleimon located in the healing park in Hot Key is a source of glandular mineral water The name of the source was in 1995 when he was consecrated in the name of Panteleimon    Located on a hillside near Mineral clearing source is... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Rock "Cock"

    Rock Cock is the most famous natural landmark Caucasian resort town Hot Key Scala is a high stone monolith is very bizarre The height of the cliff Cock is more than 28 meters His name is obliged to place the six characteristic stone teeth crowned... attractions, Natural Attractions

    The obelisk in honor of the 50th anniversary of the development of mineral water Psekupskih

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    An obelisk in honor of the 50th anniversary of mineral water Psekupskogo is 10 meters from the chapel of the Iberian Mother of God at the foot of the mountains in Abadzekh gorodeGoryachy key The only monument in the world living water was made in... attractions, Cultural objects

    Sanatorium "foothills of the Caucasus"

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    • Dederkoj
    In a picturesque place of Russia in the Krasnodar region near the town of Hot Key is a sanatorium foothills of the Caucasus These places are famous for the fact that the local mineral water combine the healing properties of Essentuki drinking water... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Psekupskoe mineral water

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    The main sources are concentrated on the right bank Psekups and Mineral Gorge a small ravine next to the river The first analysis of water chemical produced in the early years foundation balneolechebnitsa Hot Key then clean up the exit key to the... attractions, Parks and Gardens


    Most Azishskaya Cave

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    • Dzeberkoj
    Conveniently located for visitors to the cave Lagonack plateau (about 1600m above sea level) at the end of the 20th century there as an official excursion object This means that it is safe to walk on special tracks and freely enjoy  bizarre and... attractions, Natural Attractions
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