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    Kazan Nunnery

    Kazan convent was founded with the existing female community in 1881 The architectural ensemble of the monastery includes several churches including Kazan which is considered one of the most beautiful in Russia The main shrine which was kept in the

    Manor MI Serdyukov

    Manor which belonged to the builder Serdyukov was built in 1719 and is a unique monument of architecture one of the few buildings that survived from the time of Peter I Manor built in the early Baroque and consists of several buildings a two story

    Epiphany Cathedral

    Epiphany Cathedral of the Most High Valachku is the main Orthodox church in the city and one of its main attractions Construction of the cathedral built in a unique city for the Empire style was completed in 1814 In 1866 the building was thoroughly

    Vyshnevolotsky Regional Museum

    Museum of Local History Vyshnevolotsk area was opened in 1932 and is dedicated to the history geology industry and the flora and fauna of the region Museum funds account for more than 30 thousand items including a valuable collection of ancient

    Museum of Glass factory "Red May"

    Museum of Glass factory Red May was founded in 1968 and is now one of Russia's largest museum of glass In the museum presents a massive and original glassware since 1870 The museum was founded on the basis of the factory Red May whose work is now

    Bologovskij local history museum named after NI Dubravitskogo

    Bologovskij local history museum named after NI Dubravitskogo dedicated to the history of the region the home of its inhabitants and famous people whose names are associated with its history Museum exhibits striking diversity among which you can see

    Manor Serdyukov

    Manor Serdyukov currently represents the ruins of the manor house M A Serdyukova organizer gіdrasіstemy Valachku in the Most High the early Baroque So you can see the manor main manor house stables farm red brick building probably the only preserved

    Lake Bologoe

    Bologoe lake is located in the Tver region of Russia in the Valdai Hills Has an area 7 87 square kilometers The coastline of the lake stretches 28 2 km the altitude is 172 meters The average depth of 3 0 meters   maximum 4 3 meters Lake Bologoe

    Venetsianov Square Vyshniy Volochyok

    Venetsianov Square is located in the center of the Almighty Volochek On all sides it is surrounded by ancient buildings one of which Vyshnevolotsky Drama Theatre which was founded in 1896 and is one of the oldest theaters in the Tver province  

    Magistrate building in Vishny Volochyok

    Former Magistrate Building is located on the waterfront of the Almighty Fire Volochek It was built in 1777 1782 years The architect of the three storey brick houses became Peter R Nikitin All three houses are designed in the classical style of the
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