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    Elbrus the two headed volcano one of the huge extinct volcanoes of the planet The height of Mount Elbrus 5642 m (western top) and 5621m East They are divided sedlavіnay 5200 m and are spaced apart by approximately 3 km A little volcanic mountains of

    Narzan gallery

    Narzan gallery in Kislovodsk is located in the city center There is also the source Narzan which existed during the time of Lermontov stay in these places In the southern part of the gallery is a well Narzan a roof over it installed light 

    Mineral springs Essentukov

    Essentuki mineral springs were first discovered Cossack troops whose horse in marshland came to drink to the salt and the water smells bad Cossacks themselves afraid to consume water and told her doctor about FP Haas He researched the sources  

    Chegem waterfalls

    Literally the word Chegem means land of broken Indeed a narrow canyon with steep cliffs one of the main natural decorations Kabardino Balkaria looks like a gaping slit inside the earth Rocky cliffs and continuous rumble of water form a special 

    Ring Mountain

    Mount Ring is located on the southern spur of Borgustanskogo spine near Kislovodsk Among the many caves due to the wind and water in the rock was formed ring 11 meters in diameter This monument of nature a very picturesque place   here regularly


    The name of the valley located in the foothills of the Rocky Range of the Greater Caucasus speaks for itself Here in a picturesque location on the river Hasaut comes to the surface almost 20 mineralized water sources such as seltzer Their water

    Kislovodsk Resort Park

    Kislovodsk pride is its medical spa park a fine example of landscape design in which the natural beauty skillfully played with human imagination Park is the second largest in Europe but the first in beauty and richness of plant  world elegance

    Cafe Ai

    Climbing Mount Cheget begins with the clearing where there are numerous hotels and cafes Here the starting point Double Chairs which will take you to the famous cafe Ai which means moon The cafe is located at an altitude of 2750 meters His round

    Operetta Theatre

    Russian Opera Theatre located in the city of Pyatigorsk Stavropol State bears the name of the regional Operetta Theatre It was founded in 1939 as the Theatre of Musical Comedy and the current name was given only in 1997 The place where the theater

    Mount Mashuk

    Mashuk a remnant magmatychnaya mountain located in the central part Pyatsіgor'e on the Caucasian Mineral Waters Its height is 993 7 meters The name of the mountain comes from a legend about a girl Mashuk which missed about his murdered man Mount
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