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    "Azov-City" - Gaming Zone

    Azov City a special play area located between Rostov and Krasnodar Territory of Russia The nearest town (about 50 kilometers) is Yeisk The creation of the first federal gambling zone Azov City began in December 2008 for the construction of a casino... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Yeisk estuary

    Yeisk estuary is one of the attractions of the North Caucasus which arose as a result of separation from the Sea of ​​Azov (Glafirovskoy and Yeisk braids) the mouth of the same river Eu Lyman has an elongated oval shape It stretches from east to... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Sazalnikskaya Kos

    Sazalnikskaya Spit located in the Gulf of Taganrog It is the eastern part of the Russian coast of the Azov Sea in the Krasnodar region From Glafirovskoy spit it removed at 15 kilometers to the north side and from the city of Yeisk distance is 25... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Glafirovskaya Kos

    Glafirovskaya Spit is located in the eastern part of the Russian coast of the Azov Sea in the Krasnodar region This sand bar separates the northern part of the Sea of ​​Yeisk estuary Glafirovskaya spit out to sea on a 6 6 km wide at the base about 1... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Cemi Island Winds

    The Island of Seven Winds and Green or Bird so residents Yeisk district called a desert island Yeisk Spit It is located in Taganrog Bay 3 km from the Yeysk Spit which is part of the island Separation occurred in the spring of 1914   as a result... attractions, Natural Attractions

    River Sosyka

    In the Krasnoyarsk region steppe river flows Sosyka which is the largest left tributary of the river Eu River 159 kilometers in length differs sufficiently large catchment area 2030 square kilometers Source of the river is 12 kilometers from the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Vvedensky church in Yeisk

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    Restoration began in the late XX century with the only remaining from the church annex Although donations to carry out large scale construction is clearly not enough the efforts of charitable fund of St Nicholas which took over in 2003 ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Yeysk Spit

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    Yeisk Spit is a popular resort of the Azov Sea attracts tourists with special geographical position The spit separates the water Yeisk estuary from the sea and creates a protected lagoon with calm waters inside even during a storm In 1914 at the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Taganrog Bay

    Taganrog Bay is located in the Azov Sea the north eastern part and is considered a major gulf Its length is about 140 km and the width at the beginning of 31 km shallow average depth of 4 9 meters Bay freezes with the onset of winter and early... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Giant Image of Our Lady in Yeisk

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    • Ejsk
    A giant image of the Virgin was found in Yeisk in 2010 This mysterious phenomenon can only be seen from a great height Looking through the photos of the city received from the satellite the chief editor of the local newspaper to see the beautiful... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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