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    The village Sergeevo

    The village is located in Sergeyev Shumsky in the Ivanovo region The village is located 12 kilometers south of the city of Shuya on the left bank of the thesis It is known from the XVII century Previously the village was called Resurrection Sergeeva... attractions, Cultural objects

    Klyazminskoe reserve

    The reserve was established in 1935 and in 1978 combined the two into a single reserve for the preservation and reproduction of valuable fur bearing animals muskrat which is on the verge of extinction and is listed in the Red Data Book of the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Klyazminskoe reserve

    Klyazminskoe Reserve organized in 1978 It lies in the two areas in the valley of the Klyazma Reserve worked to protect wild animals but most attention has become a relic highlights kind of muskrat The territory is divided  two small vihuholevih... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Историко-мемориальный музей

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    • Kovrov

    Мемориал Вечному Огню г. Ковров

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    • Kovrov

    У Володи в бане

    Monument to the fallen soldiers in Ivanovo

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    • Ivanovo
    Monument to fallen soldiers in Ivanovo dedicated to the heroes who fought in the Great Patriotic War. It is located in the park, which is surrounded by spruce and pine.On granite slabs carved many names of the dead.... attractions, Cultural objects

    Temple complex in Vasilevsky

    The village Vasilevsky Shumsky district Ivanovo region became widely known thanks to the temple complex This ensemble of three churches Trinity St Nicholas the Georgian Mother of God which stands in the center of the village According to historical... attractions, Cultural objects

    Schudrovskaya tent

    • /en/page/shchudrovskaya-palatka
    • Ivanovo
    Schudrovskaya tent very old brick building in Ivanovo It was built in the late XVII century and was used as a writ home village of Ivanovo The house has two rooms large and small In a large notebooks kept books and magazines which were reports on... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Museum of the First Council

    • /en/page/muzej-pervogo-soveta
    • Ivanovo
    Museum of the First Council located in a historic building Meshchanskaya council facilities 1904 The center is open from 11 00 to 17 30 every day and is an exposition devoted agulnagaradzkіm first Council of Deputies in Ivanovo Voznesensk and the... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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