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    Bridge of Love

    Love's Bridge one of the attractions of informal Smolensk It is located in the central park of the city This is a small ferry across the park pond The length of the bridge about 50 meters It has an arched shape and used as a fence graceful 

    Thunder Tower

    Gromov Tower one of the most beautiful towers of Smolensk Kremlin consolidated architect Fyodor Kon This multi faceted chatyroh'yarusny tower was built in 1609 Currently restored to its original form Vaulted the floors completed  later In the

    Monument to Alexander Tvardovsky and Vasily Terkin

    Monument to Alexander Twardowski and Basil Tserkіn this is one of the attractions of Smolensk Located in the heart of the city in Victory Square near the hotel Smolensk Local sculptor Albert Sergeev captured war poet Twardowski and sung them

    Peter and Paul Church

    Peter and Paul Church is one of the three surviving monuments in Smolensk pre Mongolian architecture It was built in 1146 in Smolensk prince Rostislav Mstislavovitch Later the church was rebuilt several times and even was partially destroyed  

    Temple of Archangel Michael

    Church of St Michael the Archangel a towering stone church built in Smolensk in the XII century in honor of the Archangel Michael Before closing the first half of the XX century the church was white stone tomb Smolensk Prince David the founder of

    Historical and architectural complex "The Mansion"

    Historical and architectural complex Tower is located in the former estate of Princess Mary Tsenіshavay in Talashkіna (now the area of ​​the village Flenovo) which is 18 kilometers from Smolensk Here at the end of the XIX century was created a

    Museum "Smolensk Flax"

    Smolensk flax the world's only museum dedicated to flax linen industry and related life The museum has the status of ethnographic The museum is housed in a former monastery of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Among its exhibits original

    Cathedral Mountain

    Cathedral Mountain in Smolensk one of the main attractions and a symbol of Smolensk It largely determines the city's skyline Cathedral Mountain not the highest part of Smolensk and only the side top of the hill on which stands the old town but

    Memory Square Heroes

    Square memory of the hero one of the attractions of Smolensk Located in the heart of the city Here ramparts buried the people who gave their lives for the people and their homeland Refinement of the park began in 1911 and the first burial there was

    Church of St. John the Theologian

    Church of St John the Divine is one of the three surviving Smolensk churches pre Mongol period The church was built at the behest of Prince Roman Rastsіslavіcha in 1173 on the banks of the Dnieper and consecrated in the name of St John the Divine It
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