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    Iversky monastery Bogoroditsky Svyatoozersky

    Valdayskі Bagarodzіtskі Svyatoozersky Iver Monastery male Orthodox monastery Was founded by Patriarch Nikon with the approval of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich This is the first monastery built in Russia after the Time of Troubles In the autumn of 1653

    National Park "Valdai"

    National Park Valdayskі was founded in 1990 to preserve the unique of its kind natural lake complex in the Valdai Hills and create the necessary conditions for tourism and recreation in the area In ancient times on the territory of the park lived

    Museum of Bells

    Museum of Bells is located in the Novgorod region in Valdai on the street Labor Valdayskі museum was opened in the summer of 1995 in Lviv building rotunda First as part of a regional museum in 1980 was the exposition of the Valdai bell  which

    Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

    Holy Cross Church in the village Demyansk in the Novgorod region a new church When the old church in the village was destroyed And the residents of the village had a great desire to have their own church And in 1990 found a place in the church Years

    Village Zymohiria

    Zymohiria a great village located in the vicinity of the Valdai Novgorod region In the XVI century on a hill near the Valdai which was located on the Moscow road formed Yamskaya Sloboda It was called the Winter Hill The population should be

    Lake Valdai

    Russia Novgorod region Valdayskі National Park the Valdai Hills is the location of Lake Valdai Two of the reach of Lake divides the island Ash located just in the middle of the pond 19 7 km² This area of ​​the lake 12 m average depth   although

    Gate Church of St Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia

    Gate Church of St Philip Metropolitan of Moscow is located in the west wing of the monastery wall which can be seen on the building ensemble Iversky Monastery Gateway Church was built in 1873 1874 under the project of engineer architect Saveliev

    Cathedral Iberian Mother of God Monastery Iver

    Cathedral Iberian Mother of God Monastery Iver is one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in the Nizhny Novgorod region This shrine is located in the town of Valdai and until 2008 it was called the Cathedral of the Assumption renamed his

    Archangel Michael Church of God

    Church of Archangel Michael one of the big stone churches in the Novgorod region This shrine is located in the town of Valdai and here comes a large number of pilgrims and tourists Church of Archangel Michael was built in the XVII century

    Catherine Church

    Church appeared in 1786 The initiator of the construction was Ekaterina II Queen of done for the sake of this business bank At first glance it looked like a church rotunda Was made as a palace temple although the service it almost did not pass  
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