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    The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg the best gallery Russia representing the art world one of the most famous art museums in the world The museum was founded in 1764 when Catherine the Great purchased a collection of 255 paintings from

    St. Isaac's Cathedral

    St Isaac's Cathedral the largest Orthodox church in St Petersburg a masterpiece of world architecture one of the most beautiful and significant dome structures not only in Russia but also in the world Consecrated in the name of St Isaac of Dalmatia

    Money Honey

    Money Honey nepafosny place for a fun pastime suitable all respects himself but devoid of snobbery people Started «Money Honey» in 1993 as a small club for lovers of classic rock 'n' roll Here the hang out bright colorful representatives rockabilly

    Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod

    Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod one of the most outstanding monuments of ancient Russian architecture The value of the Novgorod Sofia in social and political life of ancient Novgorod was exceptionally high Built by the son of Yaroslav the Wise

    Rurik settlement

    Rurykavym settlement an ancient settlement founded by the legendary founder of the first dynasty of Russian monarchs Rurik Vikings Rurykam Residence Prince Rurik was here in 862 However people lived here long before the arrival of Rurik fearless

    Nevsky Prospect

    Nevsky Prospect one of the first streets of St Petersburg Nevsky Prospekt was originally conceived as a way from the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery Direct street was named Neva pershpektiva on behalf of the monastery Clearing and

    Mariinsky Theatre

    Mariinsky Theatre founded by Catherine II in 1783 and located in Theatre Square St Pereburga is one of the oldest theaters in Russia and a symbol of one of the most vibrant art centers of the country As in the past and today the theater plays  a

    Fortress Nut

    Oreshek Fortress one of the few surviving monuments of ancient defensive architecture The fortress is bred on the island takes all its territory Form of the fortress wall is stretched pyatsіkutnіk with towers at each vertex    The fortress has 7

    The cruiser Aurora

    Legendary cruiser 1st rank Aurora moored in Petrograd embankment has become one of the symbols of St Petersburg This ship a glorious biography He was launched on May 11 1900 and in May 1905 received its baptism of fire in  Tsusіmskіm in battle

    Kazan Cathedral

    Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg was built and consecrated in 1811 in honor of Our Lady of Kazan Bookmark the cathedral took place in 1801 construction lasted ten years Emperor Paul I on whose orders began the construction of the temple very much
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