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    Cherek River

    Cherek River is a right tributary of the river Baksan Flows through the territory of the republic of Kabardino Balkarskay Cherek formed by the confluence of the rivers Cherek Balkarskay and Cherek Hulamsky The river is 76 kilometers Based on the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Sculpture of an eagle on a blue lake

    Sculpture of an eagle on a blue lake a kind of decoration areas to pay tribute to the greatness of this proud bird Blue Lake is considered the pearl of Kabardino Balkaria Being in nature karst failures they have a very unusual color of the water and... attractions, Parks and Gardens


    River Baksan

    Baksan interesting for fans of Caucasian landscapes and beautiful natural landscapes No less interesting is it for those who enjoy history and the present day of Kabardino Balkaria on the river settled several modern cities one of the oldest... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Airport Nalchik

    Airport Nalchik an international airport is of the same city the capital of the republic of Kabardino Balkaria It is located on the northeastern outskirts of Nalchik There is an airport based joint civil and military aviation  The Russian... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Shopping center "Passage" in Nalchik

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    • Nalchik
    To date it is difficult to imagine a city in which it had not been at least one shopping center Nalchik was no exception as so many outlets boasts not every city in the Republic of Kabardino Balkarskay    In the historical center of the city on... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Arch "Forever with Russia"

    • /en/page/arka-naveki-s-rossiej
    • Nalchik
    Memorial Arch Forever with Russia was opened in a festive atmosphere relatively recently in September 2007 The opening ceremony of the arch installed at the entrance from Pyatigorsk was timed to coincide with the celebration of the 450th anniversary... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument to the Heroes of the 115th Cavalry Division

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-geroyam-115-j-ka ...
    • Nalchik
    Monument to the Heroes of the 115th Cavalry Division located at the entrance to the city of Nalchik from Pyatigorsk and is located in the area between the streets and Malbahova Temruk Idarov The first monument was opened in 1970 but eventually it... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument 115th Kabardino-Balkaria Cavalry Division who died during the Great Patriotic War

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    • Nalchik
    115th Kabardino Balkaria the Cavalry Division defended the approaches to Stalingrad Her fate was tragic It entered into an unequal battle with German tanks Resulting in the deaths of about 4 000 soldiers of the republic In memory of the fallen... attractions, Cultural objects

    Memorial monument to fallen soldiers in Chegem

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-memorial-pogibsh ...
    • Shalushka
    Memorial monument to fallen soldiers in Chegem a monumental composition dedicated to the soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War This memorial is located in the city center in a small park The composition consists of two bronze sculptures... attractions, Cultural objects
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