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    Culture and Recreation Park in Novopavlovsk

    Culture and Recreation Park in Navapaўlaўsk a small city park It is situated in the city center In the park there are several green fir trees There can often be seen strolling pedestrians as well as children ride bicycles and  roller skates In... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Commemorative Plate "Message descendants"

    Commemorative Plate Message descendants is set on the Walk of the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War in the Stavropol region Navapaўlaўsk Under the commemorative plate is the message of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Bus station in Novopavlovsk

    Bus station in Navapaўlaўsk located on the street in the city of Stavropol Navapaўlaўsk Stavropol Territory Convenient schedule comfortable waiting transport allow tourists and locals with no problems to get to the attractions of the ancient ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument "Tank T-34" in Novopavlovsk

    Monument Tank T 34 in Navapaўlaўsk a monument dedicated to the heroes of World War II Navapaўlaўsk liberators It was installed here Ninth May 1985 The machine is located on a small stone pedestal On the pedestal is a marble plaque which contains the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument SM Kirov Novopavlovsk

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    Monument SM Kirov Navapaўlaўsk a city famous monument It is situated in the city center in the square named after Kirov The monument is a small sculpture of a revolutionary made of gray stone The sculpture is located at  high pedestal The... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Chapel of the Holy Apostolic Grand Duke Vladimir in Novopavlovsk

    Chapel of the Holy Apostolic Grand Duke Vladimir in Navapaўlaўsk it is a small church located on the outskirts of the city It was opened in October 2006 of the sixth with the blessing of the local Archbishop Theophanes Chapel of the Holy Apostolic... attractions, Cultural objects

    Fountain d'Amboise

    Among the fountains of Clermont Ferrand special place is an old fountain of Amboise which is not only a beautiful fountain city but also the oldest Carved on the stone inscription in Latin vote that the fountain was built under Bishop Jacques... attractions, Cultural objects

    Palace of Culture. CM. Romanko in Novopavlovsk

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    Palace of Culture CM Ramanko is on Lenin Square in the city of Stavropol Territory Navapaўlaўsk More than 35 years he has been an integral part of the cultural life of the city's population and the Kirov district The main activity of the Palace of... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    The monument to Vladimir Lenin in Novopavlovsk

    The monument to Vladimir Lenin in Navapaўlaўsk a city famous monument It is situated on the central town square named after Lenin in front of the administration Its author was a Soviet sculptor Merkulov SDVladimir Lenin monument was erected in 1962... attractions, Cultural objects
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