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    Historical sections of the plant "Free Falcon"

    In January 1899 it was reported a Belgian company which has been called the Tambov anonymous Mining and Metallurgical Society At the same time in Sokolsky who later became a member of the Lipetsk started  construction of a metallurgical plant... attractions, Cultural objects

    Airport Lipetsk

    Lipetsk Airport is located 15 kilometers north west from the center of the city of the same name (ten kilometers from the LKAD) near the village of Kuz'minskii Otverzhki and jelly Settlement in the Lipetsk region Nearby on the other hand... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Баня Тайм

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    • Malej

    Matyrskoe Reservoir

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    • Malej
    Matirskoe reservoir located in Griazinsky in Lipetsk region at a fairly large river Matyra Is the largest water body in the area The reservoir is held seasonal flow regulation It is mainly used for water supply nearby settlements and recreation... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Building Lipetsk and Yelets Diocese

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    • Lipetsk
    In 2006 Lipetsk diocesan administration has moved to a new building and is located in a former cinema Dawn which for two years has been completely renovated First building was constructed in 1950 in the style of Stalin's empire as  and many... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Baby Хаус

    Lipetsk Regional Museum

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    • Lipetsk
    Lipetsk Regional Museum is one of the oldest museums in the Central Charnazem'ya To date the funds it holds more than 200 000 items historical monuments including and unique The exhibition took place in the exhibition halls of 18   in which the... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Upper Park

    Upper Park which previously was called the Noble was defeated in 1911 at the top of a fairly steep bank of the river Voronezh On both sides of the park's territory is limited to the streets of Lenin and Saltykov Shchedrin The park has many trees... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    International Street

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    • Lipetsk
    International Street is located in two districts of Lipetsk Right Bank and the Soviet It has a length of about one kilometer and connects Gagarin Street to the Cathedral Square When this area was built up mainly noble buildings   Nearby is one... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    House-museum of Plekhanov

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    • Lipetsk
    The house located on the longitudinal street was bought in 1867 by parents of the famous communist leader GV Plekhanov A few years later the family moved into it and in subsequent years while studying the future Marxist theoretician came here on... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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