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    Museum-Estate AV Suvorov

    Museum Estate AV Suvorov located in the village of Kanchanskae the only one surviving possessions of the great commander The widespread popularity of the manor found when here in the years 1797 1799 was sent into exile AV Suvorov Commander almost

    Church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Tenderness"

    Church of the Icon of the Mother of God Tenderness the current Orthodox church located in the city Baravіtskі in the Novgorod region The temple is a former stone chapel and is one of the most important religious monuments in the region   Church

    River MSTA

    River MSTA large enough waterway North West Russia flows through the Novgorod and Tver regions Along it there are many settlements Source of the river is Mstinsky platinum and its final point a beautiful lake Ilmen which dissolves MSTA to the last

    Arch bridge Belelyubsky

    Belelyubsky bridge built in 1905 in the city of Baravіtskі is the first in the country arachnym bridge Trehsharnirnyh steel bridge connects the two banks of a river Baravіtskі Msta The bridge was designed by a professor at the St Petersburg

    Museum of the History gororda Borovichi and Borovichi edge

    History Museum Baravіtskі one of the oldest museums in the Novgorod region organized in 1918 The museum is located in the picturesque historic part Baravіtskі in the house of the merchant M Ya Shulgina who was once mayor The founder of the museum

    Monastery of the Holy Spirit Borovichskye Diocese

    Monastery of the Holy Spirit is in Baravіtskі that in the Novgorod region It was founded in the XIV century a working monastery According to some sources the monastery was founded in 1327 and the church of the Holy Spirit Sashestsya located here

    The building of a wooden train station station Borovichy

    The building of a wooden train station Baravіtskі retained its historic character Built in the 1870s it still fulfills its original functions To be precise the building was built in 1976 Location of access roads was formed precisely because of the

    Municipal autonomous cultural institution "intersettlement House of Folklore"

    Director of the House of Folk Art is a talented director Muratov Vera In the House of creative work as independent creative groups and courses where you can learn the various creative professions are also open clubs Priority for the House of

    Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady

    In 1800 a settlement was founded knuckle Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God It was consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Residents of the city Baravіtskі always respected the temple and at every feast of the

    The beach on the river in the City Msta Borovichy

    The beach on the river in the City Msta Baravіtskі this is a good place for lovers of quiet and comfortable holiday And on the beach there are all covered with lush green grass shore sand leading to the water and right in the middle of the river is
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