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    Bastion "Crown Prince"

    The Crown Prince is now a bastion of historical heritage and is heavily guarded state Bastion is a listed building and is a masterpiece in terms of military architecture After a slight adjustment in 2003 turned into a bastion of unique for Russia

    Museum "Bunker Lyasha"

    The museum building is located in the hopper from which General Otto von Lyasha led the defense of the city in April 1945 After the war the bunker was converted into a museum and in 1949 there was the first exhibition Most of the museum is devoted

    Fishing Village

    Fishing Village Kaliningrad region stylized architecture of the old Königsberg Fishing village is located on its own island and is one of the cultural centers of Kaliningrad The village is situated on the territory of a lot of craft workshops  

    Research vessel "Hero"

    The vessel Hero is currently one of the main exhibits of the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad The ship was built in the mid 20th century and actively used to study the geological features of the seas of the Soviet Union The ship was unique

    Kaliningrad Cathedral

    Kaliningrad Cathedral was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style of the Baltic At the moment is considered one of the main decorations and Kaliningrad is an important cultural and historical center For the construction of the cathedral on the

    Maritime Museum Aquarium

    Maritime Museum of Klaipeda the main local landmark and pride This is a unique place to collect under one roof museum dolphinarium a huge aquarium and museum of nature of the Curonian Spit as it is located in the north of this wonderful place  

    The Curonian Spit in Lithuania

    Historically the Curonian Spit is divided between Russia and Lithuania According to the Lithuanian part of it can go 50 miles on a scenic road in the direction of the Russian border Gray ribbon roadway fringed sandy green landscape around so clean

    Olsztyn Castle

    Olshtynskіm Castle is the oldest building of the city It was built in 1346 1353 years and consisted of one wing on the north side of the quadrangle He subsequently rebuilt several times In 1505 the castle was surrounded by walls After joining

    Fisherman's Ethnographic Homestead

    Ethnographic fisherman homestead a part of the Maritime Museum of Klaipeda It is a wooden house built over a hundred years ago and in which every detail is reproduced whole life of fishermen at the time Real house it is really a fisherman's family

    Klaipeda's Old Town

    Klaipeda Old Town is located on the left bank of the River Dane He retained all the forms and the atmosphere of bygone times Its narrow streets and living history of Lithuania house renovated with a modern twist here peacefully coexist with
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