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    Optina Monastery

    Monastery Optina Monastery impresses with its size architecture and spiritual atmosphere It is located in the Kaluga region near the town Kazelsku It was founded at the end of the XIV century repentant robber wholesale (Makarios) In terms of the

    Holy Gates

    Holy Gates are on the southern part of the fence Ўvyadzenskaga Stauropegial monastery This is one of the most beautiful buildings Optsіnay Desert They are two small bays with metal door leaf that  are inside the monastery Poles who share

    Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir

    Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir was founded in 1809 at the eastern wall Ўvyadzenskaga Stauropegial monastery In 1811 the monastery was lit Evlampy saint and bishop of Kaluga and Borovsky Soon the church was established six  hospital cells

    Vvedensky Cathedral

    Vvedensky Cathedral the main temple and the oldest known monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church Optsіnay Desert The cathedral is located in the Kaluga region about two kilometers from the city Kazelsku The monastery was built in 1750 1771 years

    Sacred source

    Holy source located in the village of Optina Monastery was consecrated in honor of St Paphnutius Above him in 1830 built a wooden chapel covered with iron with symmetrical inputs dome on a high drum pillars and cross head   Inside the chapel is

    The house in which he lived, St. Ambrose

    Optina Monastery is a unique monastery Russian Orthodox Church which is located near the town of Kaluga region Kazelsku It is associated with episodes from the lives of some prominent Russian writers and thinkers Here are the current and 

    Church of the Transfiguration

    Transfiguration Church located in the now active monastery Optina Monastery in the Kaluga region The temple is located opposite the old shrine complex the temple of Our Lady of Kazan Temple fairly young It was founded in 2005  Patriarch Alexy II

    Chapel of the Resurrection

    Chapel of the Resurrection of Christ is part of the famous monastery of Optina Monastery located in the Kaluga region Kazelsku The chapel was built in 2008 on the place of burial of the murdered monks Hieromonk Basil monks and Trofim FERAPONT

    Shamordino Convent

    Kazan Amvrosievskaya staўrapagіyalnym female deserts or Shamordino Convent a female Orthodox monastery First in a place where there is a monastery was the name of the court counselor Klyuchareva Female community founded by his widow   but

    St. John the Baptist monastery

    John Pradtsechanskaya monastery is located near the monastery From the main gate of the monastery you can reach a sieve over a wide trail It is believed that the monastery founded Schemamonk Іyanіkіy who lived in the first half of the XIX century on
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