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    Zoo in Yekaterinburg

    • Ekaterinburg, Russia
    • Zoo in Yekaterinburg$$
    • +7 (343) 215-98-00
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      Between the animals in the zoo most relationships, they can be compared with human - here and good neighborhood and friendship, love and open. They may scratch their backs to each other - and why not? Very friendly otters live, almost all classes are common - And the rest, and play. That's just one lay down to rest - looking, already playing catch-up with the others. "Ballerina" -sloniha constantly sings your favorite tunes, dancing with the one her famous dance very rhythmically while driving.

      Restless marten constantly in cases spinning-cool as institutions. Them with their inherent grace quietly observe lynx, their soft brush on the ears breeze rustles. Much luck to see this white tiger, here it can be very near see, and if you think about what you can and have time to write a portrait. Behemoth, despite what is happening around, never turn to you face. It is even just few have seen - is not his style. All animals can recognize themselves or someone from the family. All of the character and style of life, can not be surprised or get a smile.

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