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    Znamenskaya church in the museum Vasilevo

    • Prutnya, Russia
    • Znamenskaya church in the museum Vasilevo$$
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    • A few kilometers north of Torzhok is the village Vasilevo, once belonged to a noble family Lviv, namesake of the famous architect. Since 1977, there operates a museum of wooden architecture.

      Vasilyeva Manor is an interesting specimen of landscape architecture. Among the main attractions - numerous monuments of wooden architecture, which were moved here from different parts of the Tver region. Time to create these buildings covers a wide period - they date from the first half of XVIII to the beginning of the XX century. One notable example is the wooden Kletskaya Znamenskaya church. It was built in 1742 and first settled in the village of Dust, Vesegonsk in Tver Region.

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