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    Railway station in Salsk

    • Salsk, Russia
    • Railway station in Salsk$$
    • +7 (863) 722-24-42
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      Sal'sk - this is one of the most important railway junction of the Rostov region of the North-Caucasian railway, located in the city of Sal.

      History of occurrence station originates from 1899, when there was a need for a new station on the route from Tsaritsyn to the station Tikhoretsky. Between these two points adpraўnymі and was organized by a small station Trading, which later renamed Sales.

      First, the station building was small and wooden, but in the 50s was built a new, modern building, which meets the requirements of the second class stations.

      Station has a convenient location as it is situated in the center of Sal and facing the Railway Square. The total area of ​​the railway station is more than 10 thousand square meters: this is a two-storey building of the station building, where the camera storage and footbridge.

      During the summer, at the height of the holiday season come to the station about 35 pairs of passenger trains, but in the winter, this number is significantly reduced - 8 pairs of trains.

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