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    The hotel "Metropol" in Novosibirsk

    • Iskitim, Russia
    • The hotel "Metropol" in Novosibirsk$$
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      The building of the hotel "Metropol" was built in 1905. Architect IS Lepeshkina. "Metropol" Hotel room is adjacent to the post and telegraph office. The hotel is located in the central part of the city of Novosibirsk, in the street of the Revolution.

      "Metropol" Hotel is located in the historical part of the city, the building brick, two-story.
      In the beginning, the building was built as a residence for PA Mamontov. Later it became the property of JA Istomin, he opened a hotel in 1917, there were 14 rooms.
      The shape of the hotel "Metropol" L-shaped. The volume of the high ground floor is accented by two side ryzalіtamі and covered with a gable roof with a metal roof.

      The facades are decorated neraўnaznachna. Asymmetrical composition of the western facade of the main highlights different décor of its three parts. Two lateral projections, right and left, completeness shlemapadobnym dome with a spire. They are different in style accessories. The shape and decoration of a bay window in modern style. The left part of the facade is decorated arch with a keystone. Wide podkarniznye and intercommunication profiled belt that share stories-tiers, and the only rustoўka walls, large in the basement, compositionally combine the right corner block and the central part of the western facade.

      Windows are different in shape. arch - on the second floor, luchkovyya and rectangular - on the ground and basement floors. Pediment right corbels accented stucco medallion with the letter "M", surrounded by symbolic wreath of laurel.

      Southern and eastern facades are modest decor. These facades are not plastered. On the southern facade preserved metal console channel section, they serve as a support for balconies.
      The interior of the hotel built in wardrobes, stairs from the balusters.

      The building of the hotel "Metropol" February 16, 1987 g was recognized architectural monument of regional significance.

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