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    Magistrate building in Vishny Volochyok

    • vyshnij volochek, Russia
    • Magistrate building in Vishny Volochyok$$
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      Former Magistrate Building is located on the waterfront of the Almighty Fire Volochek. It was built in 1777-1782 years. The architect of the three-storey brick houses became Peter R. Nikitin.

      All three houses are designed in the classical style of the XVIII century. First, all buildings were approximately equidistant from each other. In the middle of the XIX century between the two houses was built brick two-storey house with a faceted high fire watchtower. At the façade of the new building was repeated decor former structures.

      Following the reconstruction of the center of the entire composition Magistrate was the high stolpoobraznoe Tower. To date, the original layout of the building is completely preserved, with the exception of the later walls that several distort the overall view.

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