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    Building Lipetsk and Yelets Diocese

    • Lipetsk, Russia
    • Building Lipetsk and Yelets Diocese$$
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      In 2006, Lipetsk diocesan administration has moved to a new building and is located in a former cinema "Dawn", which for two years has been completely renovated. First building was constructed in 1950 in the style of Stalin's empire, as and many ladies cinema of the time. After the reconstruction of the roof there was a glass dome, and the interior was decorated with mosaic floors. In addition to facilities for the needs of the diocese in the building there are modern conference facilities.

      Throughout its history, the church in terms of Lipetsk land at different times was dependent on the Ryazan, Voronezh, Tambov, Oryol, Tula dioceses. She found independence in 1926, though not for long - up to 50-ies of XX century, when was again combined with the Voronezh diocese. The decision to create an independent diocese of Lipetsk was adopted in 2004.

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