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    Castle Sheremeteva

    • Yurino, Russia
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      Castle Sheremeteva located in the village Yurove, located on the territory of the Republic of Mari El. The castle was built in the 80s of the XIX century for the owners of the estate of Count Vasily Petrovich Sheremetev and his wife Olga Dmitrievna. The author of the project was known German architect R. Muller. In subsequent years, the palace was repeatedly rebuilt, adding to the new Gothic Revival architectural elements.

      The castle is situated on the estate, which is a park area with a total area of ​​45 hectares. In the castle, there were more than a hundred rooms. Its owners have collected a large collection of weapons, but after the events of 1917, all valuables, located in the castle, were lost. Lady of the manor, Olga D., was a relative of the famous General Skobelev, who was often in Sheremetevs away.

      After the Revolution, the home of rest, and in time of war in the former castle of the family were evacuated Soviet rukovodstva.V Currently, the premises of the castle being renovated. By the end of the XX century has been lost all the interior design, which is now reconstructed from scanty historical data.

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