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    Zainsk Reservoir

    • Poruchikovo, Russia
    • Zainsk Reservoir$$
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    • Zaіnsk reservoir was founded in 1963 on the river Steppe Zai. Its length from north to south is about 12 kilometers. Width on the north side near the dam more than two kilometers. Zaіnsk reservoir volume is about 63 million cubic meters and the area - 16.1 square kilometers.

      Reservoir refers to the Kama river basin. The upper part of the reservoir is swamped. On the right bank spread deciduous forests, and on the north side was built on the banks of Zaіnsk TPP and the city Zaіnsk.

      The reservoir was built for circulating water cooling the local power station.

      Body of water is also used for recreational purposes and for breeding and cultivation of marketable fish. For undermining the shores of the reservoir siltation occurs. Water reservoirs in the sanitary and environmental respect of them does not meet the regulatory requirements. Zaіnsk GRES currently holds the necessary measures to clean the reservoir.

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