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    Zainskaya GRES

    • Poruchikovo, Russia
    • Zainskaya GRES$$
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      Zaіnsk TPP stands for "State District Power Plant." It was named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR "Tatenergo". Is the largest thermal power plant kandensatsyynay Tatarstan, which is located in walking distance from Zaіnsk Zaіnsk reservoir. Recognized as the largest producer of electricity in Tatarstan.

      The first draft of the station was supposed to work on coal and its power was determined in 600 MW. But later altered the project and it was decided that the power station will run on heavy fuel oil and natural gas in 1959 was revealed the real capacity - 1,200 MW. In these places have become come subpadradnyya company.

      After the construction of waterworks began filling the cooling reservoir. Running the station was carried out 13 February 1976.

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