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    Yurinskii Castle Sheremetievs

    • Yurino, Russia
    • Yurinskii Castle Sheremetievs$$
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      Sheremetyevo castle located on the banks of the Volga, in the village of Yurove, the Republic of Mari El. In the XIX century they owned the representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Sheremetyevo, and is now part of the palace and park ensemble occupies a comfortable hotel, and the second part is on the restoration.

      Vasily Sergeyevich Sheremet bought the estate in 1812, and being a wealthy merchant in all of the Nizhny Novgorod region, he also deployed in the village Yurove own production. In 1874, his son, Sergey Sheremet'ev began on the estate construction of the castle, which lasted until 1915. This palace and park ensemble in its architectural style tends to the late Gothic.

      Construction was led by the German architect R. Muller involving A. Stern, A. and A. Parland Korsch. Closer to the final stage of construction on the building worked Russian architects Pavel Petrovich Malinowski and Sergey K. Rodionov. Castle has nearly a hundred rooms, such as the "Art Gallery", "Oriental cabinet", "Oak Room" and "Skobeleўskay room." The total area of ​​the estate exceeds 40 hectares.

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