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    Yaropoletskaya HPP

    • Belkovo, Russia
    • Yaropoletskaya HPP$$
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      Yaropoletskaya hydroelectric power plant became the first Russian rural hydropower plant, built in 1919 on the initiative of local residents. In the construction of hydropower plants of the peasants in the village supported. and. Lenin. In the village came engineer Sergey Popov, who made all the documentation for construction of power plants. The first light bulb lit up in the village of November 7, 1919 In 1939 HPP Yaropoletskaya was named Lenin.

      During World War II hydropower plant in Yaropolets was undermined invaders. In 1959, GES has been fully restored to working condition. In 1980, the historic building was restored HPP, which now acts as a historical monument. The power plant is currently not working.

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