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    Dinosaur eggs

    • Mokraya Olhovka, Russia
    • Dinosaur eggs$$
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      In June 2010, a resident of the village Wet Olhovka found "dinosaur eggs". This finding is really amazing. In shallow gullies formed in the collapse of the ground during a flood, a small area seemed to light 15 fossils have egg shape. Their diameter is 1-1.5 m. However, some of these sites are nothing like the "eggs". One fossil has the shape of a dumbbell, two bullets which are bridged. Unfortunately, most of the findings is in the soil, however it is not possible to thoroughly examine.

      Locals remember that the "dinosaur eggs" is here before the war and the postwar period. They fetched from wells, and then left on the streets. In the 60s and 70s in the wet Alhoўtsy showed amazing balls, but the old-timers are so used to them that no one gave it much importance. These days, finding a place prehistoric fossils in high demand, they all want to be photographed next to these relics. Several ravines with zakamyanelastsyamі and talus converge into one, forming a kind of gallery.

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