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    Volcano Krasheninnikova

    • Semyachik, Russia
    • Volcano Krasheninnikova$$
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    • Volcano is considered a pioneer scientist SP Krasheninnikov, who led hundreds of expeditions to Kamchatka Krai. For years he worked on the rocks, studying each species separately. By the way the name of the volcano was precisely because of the researcher.  

      The majestic volcano has impressive form. Its height of about 1800 meters. On top flaunts a huge crater. On the slopes visible signs of recent lava, which confirm that the current volcano. But you can not worry, it is perhaps too babe. The fiery lava is unlikely to go down to the foot of the volcano. The last major eruption was recorded in Krasheninnikov 1550. After the explosions were observed. However, apparent degradation and still. Therefore, around the volcano has long been nothing not growing.

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