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    Volcano Surveyors

    • Esso, Russia
    • Volcano Surveyors$$
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    • Volcano is a small conical mound, which occupies a vast area of ​​over 25 square kilometers. Upstairs was a small Yamina diameter of six kilometers. The hole is completely filled with glaciers and snowfields. The height of the volcano is about a thousand meters. The mound consists entirely of basalt - long study of rock. Something still occur andesites, but it is considered rare.

      The slopes of the volcano are clean, with no visible cracks or breaks. This indicates that he appeared in the modern period. By the way, scientists are still arguing about the exact date of his birth. Unknown is also the date of the last eruption of the volcano Surveyors.

      At the foot of the hill stretches volcanic field. There's nothing grows through living izvergnuvsheysya lava.

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