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    Vorgolkie rocks

    • Olhovets, Russia
    • Vorgolkie rocks$$
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      From the cliffs offer a surprisingly beautiful and picturesque views of the river valley and the surrounding forests and open spaces. Climate and the air around Vargolskіmі reserve such that bloom here rare species of plants, which are more common in alpine meadows and Caucasus Mountains.

      The rocks themselves are formed by numerous clusters of limestone and have steep slopes. Of particular interest are those rocks for climbers and anyone interested in the sport. The height of the cliffs is 10-12 meters in some places can reach 20-25 meters. The complexity of the pass routes ranging from 5a to 8a. Summer Climbing Federation held here tournaments and festivals in mountaineering. The most interesting for rock climbers represent the pinnacle of biologically active substances, Ravens Stone, Stone Smoked, Bald Rock, Kichi. The relief of the rocks quite unique even for experienced climbers.

      Vargolskіmі rock - almost wild, devoid of civilization site. Rest in these places - it's a great opportunity to get away from the urban hustle and bustle and feel the beauty of Russian nature.

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