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    Volkhov Hydroelectric Power Plant

    • volhov, Russia
    • Volkhov Hydroelectric Power Plant$$
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      Volkhov Hydroelectric Power Plant is one of the oldest hydroelectric power station in Russia.

      The history of the construction of the Volkhov station - a history of the development of the energy industry of the country from the early 20th century. A crucial role in the issue of construction of power plants played a leader of the proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. In 1918, sought a lot of money on purchase of building materials. However, all subsequent years on the construction of the station hung constant threat of closure: not enough money, the power, the workers could not withstand the difficult conditions and scattered, lack of understanding of local residents also played an important role.

      Opening the Volkhov HPP was only in December 1926. This construction called a kind of test, which has stood the country, and which has shown that it is necessary to learn to build such complex industrial complexes economic - why it is important to have All materials produced domestically.

      During the Great Patriotic War in the late 1941 HPP equipment was dismantled and removed. However, the vital need for energy facilities has become so acute that in 1942 were restored three hydroelectric. In 1945, the station began to full capacity. Conversion of the Volkhov HPP began in 1993.

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