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    Railway station

    • Yurga, Russia
    • Railway station$$
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      Yurginskiy station can be considered one of the main architectural attractions of the city. The old building was constructed in 1970 in a classic colonial style and renovated, conducted in 2010, it has become a rarity. Siberian architects, whose project embodied in the repair station, conceived to fulfill the roof of the building in the form of a train. Also of innovations should be noted porticos on both sides of the station, which protect from rain and sun. Log in the building is decorated with four majestic columns mounted on granite pastamentah. Top of the station is decorated with four peaks are located on low columns, between which are balusters. The exterior finish of the building is a light yellow colors that blend perfectly with turquoise roof.

      Along the perimeter of the station installed a small cozy shops. On the left and right side of the entrance are manicured flower beds with lawn grass and trees. All square at the station lined decorative red tiles. Reconstruction of 2010 inhaled into the building station a new life in the near future, local authorities are planning to do the interior decoration of the building.

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