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    Vlasyevo Lake

    • Borets, Russia
    • Vlasyevo Lake$$
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      The lake is located in Vlasyevo Chulyma Enіseyskay-basin, in the southern part of the village Shira Shirinsky district, 27 kilometers east of the railway station of the same name.

      Included in the group belyaў-Shirinsky inland lakes. Slightly elongated in the direction of sublatitudinal. Brackish water Vlasyevo.

      Water surface area of ​​183.8 hectares, depth - up to 16 meters, the absolute mark the water's edge - 381 meters, the length of coastline - 5.6 km. The southern part of the coast abryvіstaya, north-west - waterlogged, north and east - sand.

      Basin belongs to the zone Shunetskogo fault. The lake freezes over in October, and the process of opening begins in April and May. Vlasyevo used in household and recreational purposes.

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