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    The top of the Balkans Tau

    • Kupoyarovo, Russia
    • The top of the Balkans Tau$$
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    • Balkans Tau - is the pinnacle which is located in Davlekanovskiy area Bashkortostan, near Bugulmino-Belebeyevski elevation. Located near Lake Aslikul.

      There is growing very large variety of rare species of flora. Balkantau recognized botanist geamarfalagіchnymі complex natural monument. Regional nature sanctuary is a 1965 year.

      Vertex mentioned in bashkіrskіh legends. According to legend, at the top of the Balkans Tau were buried lovers Hiuhilu and Zayatulyak, hence the name of the mountain and the second - Zaytulyaktau.

      Balkan-Tau is a type of mountains, buttes, formed as a result of natural weathering and exposure to the River Tyulyanom.

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