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    Great Lake

    • Novo, Russia
    • Great Lake$$
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    • This flowing body of water in it in the northeast falls creek called Yuharets, its duration - about 15 kilometers. Width at the confluence of two meters, and the depth - about one meter. This lake is oval in shape, the bottom of it is flat, with deposits of silt. The water here is a little hazy, slightly yellow tinge. Of vegetation can be found alder, bulrush and cattail and telorez, hornworts, and Elodie urechnіk. Overgrown lake depth of about 40 meters.

      If we talk about the animal world of the reservoir, it is inhabited by mammals such as beaver and muskrat. Reptiles are represented here greyhounds lizards, snakes and amphibians - pond, lake, grass and moor frog. Of birds can be found river crickets, warblers, barsuchka, charotavyh buntings, blue-gray gulls and lake, black and white terns, great crested grebe and eagles.

      Fish abound here Lina, Mouth, roach and pike. Plankton presented Daphne and Cyclops, Bentos - beetle Corixidae, Asellus aquaticus, leeches, ticks geographic, streams and pipe makers.

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