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    Vasilevsky Monastery

    • Yaroslavl, Russia
    • Vasilevsky Monastery$$
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      Vasilevsky monastery is located in the eastern part of Suzdal. It has several major buildings that are worth paying attention - it Vasilevsky Cathedral, built in 1662-1669 years; Gramnіchnaya refectory church, the base of which refers to the end XVII century; fence, some parts of which belong to the XVII century; Saints and small gates, installation date which disappeared in the same distant XVII century.

      The monastery was founded in the XIII century as a powerful reinforcement. Later, he altered. The monastery survived a lot of problems and troubles for the entire period of its existence. Until January 31, 1995, he did not belong to the church, and only after that date was again registered community Basil male monastery. The Orthodox Church has received the monastery at their disposal, but not all.

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