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    • Semyachik, Russia
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    • Volcano in Kamchatka is known because of its huge basin. On the peninsula, it is the greatest. Caldera is 10 kilometers in diameter. Its total area of ​​over 150 square kilometers. The territory is partially hollow and filled ponds. High boards that reach 800 meters, do not give water razlіtstsa. The funnel is filled with the help of mountain streams and natural precipitation.

      Slightly to the left of the depression, there is a huge volcano crater with a diameter of 1.5 kilometers, which was formed during the explosion. Deep groove also filled with water. Locals gave her name - Far lake.

      The right side of the hill is also dotted with depressions, but they are more wetlands than the opposite side. But there is a large number, which beat out from under rocks, springs and small mountain rivers. All of them are mixed with green trees and brown tundra.

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