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    The Shrine Bendebike

    • Maksyutovo, Russia
    • The Shrine Bendebike$$
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    • Keshene Bendebike - or else Bendebike tomb, is an architectural and historical monument of the Bashkir culture, refers to the XVI century.

      Bendebike, one of the legends bashkіrskіh - a woman who became famous throughout Bashkiria his wisdom. She opposed the intestine wars between the Bashkir tribes. Another legend says that it contributed to the establishment Bendebike peace between Kazakhs and Bashkiria.

      Investigated the monument was an archaeological expedition in 1969, under the leadership of NA Mazhitova At the heart of the tomb was a rectangle on the wall is gradually transformed into vasmіstsennіk, and the entire building was completed dome.

      Moore was carried out in two colors from the brick. Against the background of gray brick with brick red Christmas ornament was made.

      Entrance to the tomb was in the south in the form of a small narrow doorway. The floor was made of adobe bricks, and the tomb is covered with slabs of limestone. Inside the stone box during the excavation was found the skeleton of a woman.

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