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    Ushkany Islands

    • Bolshoj Ushkanij, Russia
    • Ushkany Islands$$
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    • Ushkany Islands - unique in nature and the beauty of the island, located across from the Holy Nose Peninsula. Ushkanov famous island that is only here on the rocky ledges you can see an eyeful - whole Baikal seal rookery - A unique animal that is found only in Lake Baikal.

      The largest rookery of seals in Lake Baikal is located on the western side of the island is thin. No less famous for Draba - ants. Density anthills Big Island has no equal in the country on 1 ha is 18-20 anthills, and their total number has several thousand. Ant Height - 170 cm, diameter - 3 m.

      Island of outstanding natural beauty. It is here that focused a lot of endemic species - species that can be found only in the archipelago. This "Ushkanov" birch with black bark, and "Ushkanov" pine with mysterious serpentine shape of the trunk. All these trees centenarians, the age of some up to 300 years. Often there flagoobraznaya crown, took this form through the powerful Baikal winds. Big Ushkany island is also known for its caves, located on the northeastern shore at the foot of limestone cliffs. In three small caves discovered ancient human tools and Nerpichye bone.

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