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    Manor Scherbova

    • Maslovo, Russia
    • Manor Scherbova$$
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    • Scherbova Manor was built in the 1830s on the banks of the river Osugi and was originally owned by nobles Shishkov. Around the manor house was a beautiful garden.

      The decor of the manor house used pilasters, arched and rectangular hollow. According to the memoirs of Princess Kropotkin, processing of the upper floor of the house was much richer than the bottom. In the hall of the house and in his library were wonderful hardwood floors, and in the rooms - huge wooden doors of different colors.

      Founders estates - nobles Shishkovtsov after, the estate owned Butenevy gentlemen, povolit-Schweik, who then intermarried with Bakunіnym who lived in a neighboring village Pryamuhino. Interestingly, one of the representatives of this kind after married for Peter Kropotkin, the world famous anarchist.

      In 1919 the aristocratic estate was nationalized.

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