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    Manor Selihova

    • Maslovo, Russia
    • Manor Selihova$$
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      Relatively large village Selihova in the Tver region, Torzhok district is situated away from the main road Torzhok-Ostashkov. Selihova Manor is on the edge of this village. There are different versions of the names of the estate, one it comes from the word "settle" on the other from the "Selikhov" t. e. "drake". The owners of the estate have always been members of the genus Zagryazhskoy.

      According, art history data, the manor consisted of more than 16 buildings, of which, at the present time are very few. Namely, the remains of the manor house and the bushes when a beautiful park.

      Currently, the only historical data, can be represented Selihova former mansion in its heyday. It's big, but floor, nice manor house with a wide basement. The composition of the building is an elongated rectangle, with two symmetric ryzalіtamі. Front projection, each was a small outdoor terrace with two columns that support the roof of the triangular shape. Apparently, it was a nice mansion, where the hosts were measured way life.

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