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    Manor Pryamuhino

    • Pryamuhino, Russia
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      Manor Pryamuhino last was a famous noble nest. By the end of the XVIII century they owned the nobles Shishkovtsov, arrange on the river Osugi profitable farm Intercession Church, built in 1760. Also there is a mill and manufacture, from what became the canvas.

      In 1779 the estate passed to the AM Bakunin, Tver landlord, writer and poet. This period - the economic recovery of the estate, when there was built a stone shop, outbuildings and stables organized.

      Intercession Church was built in 1808-1826 years. Interestingly, the temple was connected to the store with the help of a ramp, which was beautifully decorated with natural stone. In the temple there were two types of cross-shaped church, such as summer and winter, as well as generic basement. 

      Family Bakunin was a unique center of attraction for members of the Russian intelligentsia. In the estate there were Belinsky, Turgenev, Tolstoy, and many others.

      Manor has reached our days, however, in a very poor condition. Today, tourists can see a church and an abandoned house masters, manufactory and scattered outbuildings. If ordered the park is in a state of neglect.

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