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    Manor Pashkov

    • Kurbatovo, Russia
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      The farmstead is situated in the village of Pashkov Vetashkіn located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The land on which was subsequently built manor was bought by influential landowners Pashkov family at the end of the XVIII century. It was just one of the residences of Pashkov owned real estate in the capital and other regions of Russia.

      In 1868 was built the main house of the estate, made using advanced, at that time, technology. Thus, in the present mansion electricity and heating systems and water supply. Pashkov used the castle as his Vetashkіn summer residence.
      Before the revolution, the owners of the castle ever went abroad, and the estate was launched a few years. In 1920, the Agricultural College is located here, but the support of the estate in its original condition could not be considered. During the years of inactivity, the estate was plundered, and the room of the palace have been converted without regard to their artistic value.

      In 1992, the college moved into the new building, and the manor remained running again. In the main building there were several fires that destroyed many valuable interiors. Currently the house is privately owned. You can come here and listen to interesting a tour of the history of the estate and family Pashkov. The new owners gradually restore the estate, but the main house is still in a dismal state.

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