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    Manor Mlevichi

    • Novgorodskoe, Russia
    • Manor Mlevichi$$
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      Patrimony Mlevichi a generic country estate Shishkov. Appeared in the early XVIII century. Several times passed from generation to generation. Each time a new owner of the estate and expanded worried. The only thing that remains unchanged is the Sign church.

      In the XIX century the estate was put up for auction. Through numerous manor house was very expensive, and no one dared to buy a property not cheap. It was then decided to sell the estate in parts.

      To date, from family nest Shishkov was the master's house. The building stands on a hill. It is clearly seen from all sides. The house is decorated with magnificent porticos, columns, windows and cornices trohchastkavaya between floors.

      Znamenskaya Church also still as good as new, even though that was built in 1764. A year later, built a bell tower. Near the temple there is a parochial school.

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