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    Manor Mitino

    • Prutnya, Russia
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      Currently manor Mitino, a monument of the manor and park construction late XVIII - early XIX centuries, a sanatorium. It is situated in the Tver region, Torzhok area. This former estate of nobles Lviv. The project belongs to Nikolai Alexandrovich Lviv (1753-1803), who succeeded not only in creating literary works, but also in their architectural work.

      Manor consisted of structures, such as the manor house, outbuildings, housing brewery, smithy. On its territory preserved Church of the Resurrection of brick and stone in the ground tier which is family tomb, where buried NA Lvov. But most of all is of interest to tourists, interesting building - cellar-glacier, in the form of a pyramid with an arch of stone.

      Now this mansion, which sits on a high bank of the river Tvertsa, almost did not survive, but the beauty of nature, scenic spots, healthy pine air attract many tourists.

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